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Worksheet: Mark a Target

tags: sequence

  1. Mark a target. A strong target. Look around, identify and write down the name of one element in your environment that you want to bring down.
  2. Having a weak target diffuses your wrath. Does the element that you identified in (1.) trigger your irrationality?
  3. If you are able to inflict whatever you desire on your target, what will you inflict?
  4. Pause for a moment. Think of how you will be relieved when you are through with your target.
  5. Now inflict the universe within which your world exists to the response that you came up with in (3.). It is a very basic rule of struggle, you can't ever reach your target. You need to broaden your frame.
  6. Make this infliction your mantra and your sole act. Acts are suited for repetition. Repetition is the only surety that actors have. If you something many times, at least once you will get it right.
  7. But the target. Who is your target? How did you arrive at it? Finding your target is the single most significant thing you will do in your life. State your case in one sentence.
  8. Your target is where you want to go. You will never get there, but the desire to get there will exist in your mind. We want to deal with that desire.
  9. Your target is mapping your orientation. You will never be freed from the set of polarised coordinates that you place yourself in. Why is your target so important that you are prepared to perpetually enslave yourself?
  10. Your target is giving yourself a name. You are not your name but your name is your handle, it is the surface on which time will deposit itself. Without a name you cannot refer to history.

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