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How do we know that we have been compromised? What if someone curses us silently and then we come under a spell? We will then behave like a zombie and not have any capacity for independent action anymore. We have to set alarms.

We have to survey our perimeter and embed alarms at all our open ports. Whenever something breeches the perimeter the alarm will ring.

How do we make sure that the alarm works as it promises it will? How do we trust it? If we suffer a breech, a whole operation will need to be undertaken. The sole motive of this operation would be to isolate the breech and contain the influx of foreign narrative.

Suffering a breech is itself a big risk. The chance of the above operation being successful is remote. Most operations fail.

So alarms are important. We need to understand that 'prevention is better than cure' is not just standard good advice. It is the survival mantra. We live by it. And if we fail, we will also die by it.

Contamination is death.

Foreign narrative is not bad but it takes us away from self-absorption. We value our self-absorption because if we think of anyone else than ourselves, we won't ever be able to do anything anymore.

We want to curse but we also we will be cursed. We know. This is certain. Somewhere along the way, somebody someone will curse in a more potent verbiage than us. Our nastiest, our most virulent, most passionate curse will only pale in comparison. We live in the shadow of that moment.
Every fire must cool and come alive again.

At this moment we only care about the placement of the alarms. A breech must not occur. If it does, we must know. Once we know, it must be plugged.

We can only remain in existence if we are obsessed about not ceasing to exist. We have to stand guard on ourselves. Prevent any leak and fight all attempts to colonise.

If we fight a colonial conquest, we occupy the position of a coloniser ourselves. There is no other way of persisting, either occupy or be occupied. It is possible to not contest. Sometimes it is even possible to walk away. But when you walk away you are only delaying what can happen right now.

Alarms help you remain in continuous production as all the potential breeches are pursued and blocked.

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