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What you do and how you live your life is you. Because these two things reflect that which can't be seen. The character and pattern of your thought. The way the pattern of your thought is revealed, also reveals what you consider worthy and what you don't consider.

Comprehension is aligned with learning.

Learning something yourself or thinking about how you are going to teach something are both the same things.

When we look at teaching and its potential, we question our inability to progress further civilisationally. Why haven't we managed to grow beyond our culture and politics driven life? Why haven't we managed to learn how to read presence? We are so bound within the constraints of language? We still are not able to understand the real basis of our individuality. What is the signature of our life? Can there be any hierarchy in the legacy we leave behind?

Can any particular legacy be more significant than the others? As disjoint and distant as we are from the organic universe, we do not really understand that everything we do, think or desire is part of a zero-sum game. Human culture, civilisation and history is just an insignificant feature of life on earth. The shadow each of us casts is the same. We continue to survive for no particular reason that we can take credit for. We are just alive before we eventually die. In the cosmos, we haven't been required to die yet. Our extermination will come easy. It will happen just to balance the emergence of something new. Or the deviation of some rock from its orbit. We have chosen to see this chance operation of our redemption. "If we still exist, surely the universe must have some use for us!" No.

Our signature is a dull, blurred impression. We can't even hope to just register.

What we leave behind is not even substantial material for a dull story that will get imprinted onto this planet in a way that will outlive our civilisation.

If there is nothing that's going to come, can we try to do with what we are left with? The here and now.

We are going to amount to nothing, we will all come to nought, are we still ok with living till we face the moment of our death?

Legacy is in constant conflict with mortality. Under no circumstances should our motivation to act be based on a hope for finding redemption in history. History is cultural. Culture is civilisational. When we go bust, this whole thing is going to go bust. Nothing is going to remain.

And we cannot avoid the bust. The mechanics of chance and the logic that governs patterns cannot be partial to us. Every rational mind should make peace with the hopelessness of our situation. Hope is only a trace emotion that betrays an early onset of craving. And craving of course betrays our inability to go on. It betrays the fact that we have not been able to absorb the ambience and figure it out. IT lets everyone know that we are lost and clueless.

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