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What is the price? “Yes, what is the price?” We do not know and we do not want to find out. What do we want to find out, then?

We want to find out the logic that can be applied onto the transactions and exchanges that take place everyday. This logic determines the prices. We want to know the pricing mechanisms because the point at which the use-value of any entity is specified, the first element of randomness enters into into play. The use-value of an entity cannot be determined. Even if it can be determined, it cannot be specified in language.

Language consists of symbols. Experience is another symbol. The perception of value is a specific kind of experience. One symbol cannot be cast into another. There is a two-fold loss in such a casting exercise. In order to avoid such a loss, we have to let symbols be symbols.

We cannot effect a transition or cause any translation. We cannot interpret, delineate or paraphrase. Enjoyment of the messy whole is far greater than any kind of enjoyment of a coherent and distinct object.

Our minds do not need experience to be simplified. Our mind has a far greater capacity to deal with complexity than we give it credit for. We need not shy away from an onslaught of new information. We only need to process information much faster and in quicker cycles.

Difficult situations are ways for us to enhance the level at which we operate at and to progress further on our path. But that is too sincere a way to look at life. Who actually has the energy and motivation to learn from experience? We are all too busy suffering the effects of our experience to be able to learn from it. Even if we use only a small part of the capacity of our mind, we are not motivated to learn how we can use more. We are just happy to drag our tired bones through life and claim a comfortable situation. We are okay with being just getting by. We do not want to have expertise and we do not want to approach the world from the vantage point of expertise. Expertise reeks of condescending and disrupts relationships like they were not important. But sometimes relationships are the only things that are important. When everything has broken down and all the elements of the story have drifted apart, the only reason why things remain in operation is that they have a prior relationship. The word relationship does not mean a bracket of reasons that qualify for a special treatment. The word only signifies a connection and a capacity to communicate and receive. Being on this plane for communication and reception might not betray the hint of any parity or any specific level in the hierarchy. But being able to hold a parley does mean that some kind of familiarity or recognition exist that allow all the participants in the conversation to move each other.

And place a value on each other. This is the only valid process from which a pricing mechanism can emerge.

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