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Journals are regular editions of content that has a changing sequence of relevance for us across time. After every particular interval of time, the points to be made about the issues at hand change and need things to be articulated again. Once we start a thread, it can be woven further by public narratives. The kinds of fibres, the colours and the texture of the thread will surely differ. But these differences only help to construct the pattern in a more renewed fashion. The personal and the public understanding of the pattern get exchanged in some way and the collaboration process is continuous.

The journal is not just a record of a process across time but is also a set of issues that must be thought of together. The editor’s objective is to weave this meshwork of inter-related issues. This meshwork does not exist without the existence of the journal. The creation of an issue acts like a glueing process between the trajectories of the different issues. But what confirms the relevance of the issue at hand in the journal and this glueing together of issues that it does is the conversation it can generate. It has to find novel ways of generating conversation. This does not mean that only the volume of conversations generated is important. The volume generated is significant information but the quality of these conversations is significant too. So if chasing the popularity contest logic is baffling and a strategic way of pursing an intersecting with social media cannot be found, we would like to talk about how focusing on quality can change the format of engagement.

When the content of conversation is more important than the face that you are talking in the first place. When there is a greed to want to know what is said next. This greed is called engagement. The moment the greed is not active anymore, the conversation is over. Conversation is a format of connection and the content of transfer at the same time. And the format effects the content. The personality and the positioning of the individual does effect what and how is possible to communicate through conversation.

This correlation means that the onus of saying some things must be taken on. Some things can be said only by us and we should say them. At least we should agree that we will say them, when we actually say it is open.

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