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Living entities generally do not want to die. If they do, they believe that life is at least dissimilar from death. Life and death are only states, they cannot possibly be distinguished from each other because they are only known as different states of consciousness. These states might switch but they still remain states of consciousness.

It is not that life is signified by consciousness and death by some idea of eternal sleep. Both being states of consciousness, limit the actor’s behaviour in different ways. Dead people cannot sing and dance but living people might not feel inclined to sing and dance even if they can. So life is known as a set of abilities that might or might not be actualised.

Why is a life not actualised in someway better than a life that has extinguished? With no exhibitions of any signs of life, for all practical purposes, death can be in the present. There is a lot of talk about potential. We do not like this talk.

Potential represents a concept which postulates that the complexity of the universe is such that anytime, anything can happen. Such a high degree of unpredictability does not exist. Generally speaking we think that we cannot tailor our behaviour towards thinking that if events that happen are random. Our brief as actors is to get busy. We cannot be distracted. We cannot think outside the frame.

We can but we need not and we should not.

The events outside the frame are outside our control. We cannot cause any change in the sequence of events that unravel outside the confines of our rule-bound system. Our frame is only a confinement for defining an application area of rules.

So an un-actualised life and a dead being are not very dissimilar.

If things die before their time, it is tragic. But how do we know what is the right time? We populate unnecessary buffers of time not used for actualisation and we thereby slacken the pace of experience.

Actually the tempo of experience was much faster. But we have an ethical problem about death. We believe that it is very important that everyone be kept alive. Actually there is no need for any un-actualised being to keep living. Nothing will seem complete. The fever of arriving at closure will guide your actions but closure might never arrive.

If you are not actualised, die. And understand death to be the same as your bland life. Do not feel bad and do not celebrate. Just accept the state change.

The way death affects those that remain alive will change dramatically if all those who are living are actualised. An actualised being will not grief, will not miss the dead, will not feel that it unfair. Once that happens, we will lose track of our problems with death.

People will kill themselves casually just as they will give birth to children casually. We will realise the true value of our life only in its degradation.

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