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Money has become a media. Media is manic. Once it is out there, creating havoc with the possibilities that people search for and demonstrating how meaning emerges through desperation, it cannot be reigned in. If money were still a currency, we would bother enough to sit on it. With the heat of our body it would have become warm enough to come back to life. The oldest token of currency known to humans is human life itself. If currency notes were to come to life, it would be a kind of return.

Media is manic because media is dead and it can never come to life.

Through all the archives, in the dimming light of the records and their contents, there are only obsessions and their traces that can be found. Obsession is in the act of production. We have to obsess over gathering of the particulate message dispersed across the landscape. Otherwise there is no site to access the distilled and concentrated message that is circulating through the channels of the cosmos. Unless we take the pain to obsess over the scraping and collecting of the shreds that we find, we have no way of ever putting together a single message. Words are puzzles. Yes, but these puzzles do not want to be solved. These puzzles will only get more jumbled and more difficult to navigate as we lose our hold on our memory. At this point we can still remember the point of transition. But at some point in the future, we will forget where we come from. We will forget how we ended up here. Without this memory, we will not even know which way the exit is.

The time we live in will soon be over.

In remembering this time, we loop back to this moment. Only in looping back, we can truly be here. In being here, we get to access all the layers of this waking moment. One of these is the latent memory. The stench storage. All the dreams we ever dream are stored here. If we get triggered in a specific way, we switch to this dream world. Our world becomes beautiful and harmonious. Dreams are always good stories. Humans are fractured every time they try to tell stories. Dreams are stories that are not written by anyone. The kind of auto-poetic cinema that dreams engender is too rare to have a school of thought dedicated to it. This is how genotype becomes phenotype. Although we should not consider jargon, business could have been about exchange of glances. Instead it is about going broke.

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