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Disharmony is a promise that has the potential to keep us insane. But the promise has not been kept. Life constantly deludes us by letting us skim through harmonious times. Life keeps our experience mixed, we sometimes feel that we are having a very smooth experience and other times we feel that we are having a very rough and harsh experience. We are not able build our expectations in terms of what is coming next and we cannot train ourselves. We remain muddled and confused.

Now if disharmony was the norm and if our pipeline of forthcoming experience was constantly stuffed with potentially disharmonious experiences, then we would have something to do. We would be able to train ourselves well enough to treat disharmony as a training filter and rise up every now and then feeling that we have been able to construct a sense of harmony for ourselves. We would be able to surf that wave for long enough to establish a distinct enough experience for our memory to register. It will be no flash, no fast, blurry motion. It will be another viewport filled with novel information to be gradually chewed and digested.

Disharmony could have been the way for life or consciousness to train us into becoming accepting beings capable of producing their own happiness. But it was not to be, we have become slaves who can only be passive consumers of happiness bestowed on us by others. We could have been self-sufficient beings but instead we just witness a missed opportunity.

In our current form we can only be likened to burnt, damaged and incomplete filters. We do not have any way to feel complete. Whenever we try, we trip into a routine of performing pathos for our lost parts. We are not trained for dealing with any particular kind of situations. Instead we are trained to be chance operators in a world that is a complex playground. When the going is good, we are good and when the going is difficult, we are not so good.

For the sake of empathy the "we" that we have created here is supposedly as vulnerable as you. The "we" that we have created here is as dependent on the fall and rise in the density of harmonious elements in our environment as you are. This fabrication and enactment allows you agree with us, it allows you to let us talk and negotiate on your behalf.

We can also give you a straight set of guidelines. We can tell you how you can dislodge yourself from this pathogenic dependency on the will of a world that wants to enslave you.

You should keep wiping your memory every now and then so that you do not remember if you are experiencing disharmony or harmony. If you do that you can disengage with the cosmic plan and create your own disaster. You do not have to let the universe guide you anymore.

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