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Content is measured in terms of the potency of the message that comes across. No message or low message potency can mean that there is no content or low-intensity content transmitted.

If it is not transmitted, it is not received.

There can be excuses of course, that there is loss in the transmission and loss in the translation of thought to message and then message to thought back again, but we do not buy those excuses. As the originator of thought can easily account for the packet loss before transmission and transmit in inflated packet size.

So we can easily choose to analyse content only from the perspective of listeners and not speakers and be quite close to understanding the nature of a particular instance of content.

Why does content get produced?

What is the need for new things to be thought of? Beyond the immediate survival level puzzle solving that we need to do, what is the need to think of things which distract us and propel us in different directions which do not help us get ahead in the game?

Thought is non-essential in most of its varieties. Beyond thinking ourselves into static postures, we can also be something which our system produces as a default state, as a pure animalistic being.

We try to keep away from understanding what this animalistic being might be because we do not want to end up being in a situation where we know that we are trying to be something that we are not. We do not want to know what we might be.

Knowing something precludes us from not knowing it.

Knowing something about the way a particular entity exists and performs its function limits us to expect that function from it in perpetuity.

We do not want to live in an environment which peddles excess as its style.

We believe that content production is a criminal activity. If you stop producing content, if you stop thinking, then very soon you will reach a state where you are immersed in muddled material. You will not know what to do and you will not know what to think and you will not know who you are trying to become. You will just be. And by just being, all you will be left with will be the automatically produced content of your being.

That is the only content that is interesting and appropriate for you to have.

This content has a high degree of identification with your body-mind organism and your world view.

This content has an absolute unshakeable nature. There will be no option anymore. There will be nothing more for you to offer to the world.

This is how we operate.

We have a single track, single source channel of content to offer to the world. This is all we have.

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