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Why measure? What exactly are we anxious about? When speeds of different planes, when velocities of different entities go out of sync, time is created.

A lack of sync creates measurable durations.

Once time is created, it is left in a quandary. Time is always present in multiple scales and in multiple dimensions.

Do you realise that our life is spent living at the cusp?

We live at the cusp of a moment that can consume us.

But that only means that moments we are currently living in do not consume us.

Consumption is a scale of time that can stretch infinitely. A pocket that can accommodate any duration.

When a moment fails to consume us it is because the moment is of sub-optimal quality. It lacks the intensity to be able to capture our attention and consume us.

When we are subject to a sub-optimal experience and if we have ever been consumed by an experience before, then a memory of the past experience threatens to unsettle us and engulf us. Imagine standing at the precipice of a cliff and thinking of what it would feel like to be falling down. That imagination can scare you more than actually falling off the cliff. If you actually fall off the cliff, there will be no time for fear, you will crash straight crash to the ground.

Ordinary life is an archive of sub-optimal experience. Whenever you are unaware something might catch your fancy. Alertness is a necessity. When you can't pay attention to the material that is flowing in and out of your psyche you can't live. Life is a fragile state when there is a random flux of psychic material. Life can only be sustained by a monoculture. When the psyche is a homogenous collection of material, sperms generate. These sperms are interested in procreating, and they want to reproduce themselves only. When homogeneity is in question, life feels threatened. Having to process diverse material which is not sorted separately into stacks is chaotic. Crucial faults can emerge in the machinery when the machine is asked to process fuel that it was not made to process. Machines exist as layers of code that know how to dismantle matter so that its particles become sources of energy.

The threat that living on the cusp offers is great. The machinery of life suffers from a pronounced complex. The complex is terrified of failure. The explosive effects of living on the cusp is a big threat for the complex.

Living on the cusp is precarious.

The reality that lurks beyond the cusp is always fiery. It is real like a flame, if it meets combustible material, fire is ensured.

If in a moment of exposure, if the spark beyond the cup, lets us on fire, then we will not have any defence. Once you burn, you do not have any way of denying that history. A burnt effigy cannot be a good corpse.

Once a burn happens, the mark remains forever. Nothing short of surgery will remove the mark. Our time will be forever scarred.

Time is a fractured resource. It is seldom complete and it can't contain its anguish over being fractured.

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