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Theatre is happening back-stage. While this theatre is playing out, people are distracted and they realise that they have nothing to do.

When they have nothing to do, they twiddle their thumbs. But also, they play stupid games on their mobile phones or tablets and they realise that by some weird coincidence the theatre on stage and the on-screen game have something to do with each other. They have something to do with each other in a rather rushed way. Every now and then, for a few seconds, there is a sync. This sync can be understood to be synchronicity in process or it can be understood to be evidence of a psyche-to-psyche connect happening.

We are biased towards thinking of this as synchronicity.

We do not really believe in the existence of individuated psyches. We do not really believe in the existence of pockets of consciousness packaged in the bounds of an individual.

We believe that moments exist, either fuelled by intoxication of some kind or not, that allow you to tip over the speed of time. For some time it becomes possible to slow down the flow of time. From a flood, the flow of consciousness can slow down to a trickle.

At that rate of flow you can become sensitive to the subtle nano-second flow of consciousness in a way that lets you distinguish the flips of chunks of personhood from body to body.

If we stare at each other long enough, there can be a moment when the person flipping through us and the person flipping through you is the same.

We can identify with you. We can feel the harmony and awkwardness of unison and friendship. But at the same time we know that this feeling has nothing to do with you. We know that this feeling has risen only because as witnesses, we are sensitive to a nano-second flux in consciousness and we are ok with letting this pass.

In all the future moments of our life in this dimension of reality we will mark your body with a crude sign that signifies a friend. We have been in a pocket of time together when we have witnessed the passage of sync. We call this passage friendship but we could call this brotherhood very easily. But we can also call it just a witnessing session, a privileged episode of observation.

The social context of friendship is strange. Friendship seems to mean a special preference for a person. But it is anything but that. Friendship is a memory of a co-habitation of a pocket of time that allowed a shared experience of consciousness. It does not have too much to do with the person. If the subtle configuration of the underskin of a person allows the flow of a particular frequency of consciousness then the co-habitation and so friendship is possible. As a person you have parameters which decide whom you can be friends with. This decision does not happen immediately of course, it takes time.

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