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By Satya Gummuluri Terra I went there. There was grey granite and marble in large cuts solid and square, red clinker dark brown stoneware tile façade red terra-cotta sienna stucco classical balconies; composition. Tall windows grey blue painted iron grills on glass, proportion. Lines are vertical, streets are canyons, shadows are deep, voices and eyes seduce. Bread. Hidden courtyards, enclaves of light. It was light pink and dark pink nerium on balconies that nobody uses. Do they only ever use …

Conversations tags: whisper

Surfatial designs formats of conversations that allow the emergence of knowledge. In 2014-15 we organised web-based study-groups that were broadcasted live on youtube. Our past study groups: Perspective Studies (July 2014): Recordings Refractive Surfaces (September 2014): Recordings Surrogate Surfaces (December 2014): Recordings Infective Studies (March 2015): Recordings Excavating Texts (May 2015): Recordings Is Your Signal Weak Or Strong (July 2015): Recordings Someday We Shall Talk (July…