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The question why can be very broad or very narrow. Never anything in the middle. We can deal with every question as a question in the moment, not a question that we need to reflect on within the scope of our whole self. In the moment we only look at the bitstream data of the actions and thoughts that have flown through this mind across the last few minutes. In the scope of a few minutes, you might think that there is very less data to adequately grasp the gist of the person. But you are wrong.…

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Our attention is not continuous. It is only in patches. For a patchy attention-span, to be able to register what is happening, we need to be flexible about what we can offer. We need to be able to sense the subtle events as well as be tune into the macro scheme of things. All surfaces are suspended within a media of time. So, we need to exist in micro-time and macro-time simultaneously. To be able to do this, we need to loosen the concept of a moment that we have been holding on to. We need to…