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Remakes tags: soup

Why do some films need to be remade? Why do they lose their lustre after a point? Is there something left unsaid in stories told only once. Does this unsaid story float in the air like an orphan story, a story with no parent, no saving grace? Do stories become themselves only when they are told many many times over. We want to propose a cinema that does not have any diversity on the storytelling front. There should be only one story told over and over again. If you want to demonstrate your…

Getting Lost tags: soup

Getting lost, or not knowing where you are is a situation that at first instance produces anxiety. It is an indefinite state that assumes that the motivation of navigation and movement is rational or functional. This assumption arises from the narrow explorative space in our local area that most of map and from also the way in which drifting has become a cultural template of sorts of swimming against the current. If they are moving fast, we can go slow. If they know where they are, we can…