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There was a time when children were considered to be very important. They were supposed to be carrying legacies, values and experiences forward. But then there came a break; parenthood liberated itself. Parents realised that children were growing up with their support and then forgoing all responsibilities. They were not really carrying forward legacies & values or learning from experiences. Things that should have happened spontaneously were needing to be spelt out. So like throwing out…

The abstract tags: leaves

When you summarise something, you actually claim that you are being more efficient and concise in the use of language by being able to communicate more with less. The fact of the matter is that in the context of a specific message, you have no choice but to do justice to it. You have to state a message in the vocabulary that it demands. You have to let that vocabulary be as expansive as it needs to be. The idea of doing more with less or less with more is as distorted as any other idea that…