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The waiting room tags: architecture

The waiting room is where the slack catches up with us. Waiting is a good excuse to start breathing. Once you are breathing besides the flow of oxygen through your windpipes some other things also happen. For instance when you breathe, and you are in the midst of people, the stardust of broken and crushed stories flows into your lungs too. The perverted stories of the waiting room are not like the stories of the crematorium or the cemetery. They are not paused stories composed after a whole…

Exhibition tags: architecture

An exhibition is typically an occasion and an event which plays the role of a showcase. Exhibitions are sometimes also called previews because they are afraid to become events. They want to remain tentative pre-events and inflate the idea of the potential event to larger than life proportions. But to begin with, without previews and pre-events, exhibitions try to become events. An event is an occasion to centre - both in terms of the fragmentation of time and of attention. Visitors to the…