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Nachiket likes to cast himself as a student of culture, with a special predilection for texts. He prefers reading them along their grain, rather than against it and see what joys such an outmoded approach might deliver. Apart from that he is a polemicist against the narrow and the parochial, with an elusive sense of belonging; in short a cosmopolitan.

For the vigorously sedentary, the only prospect that can elicit any movement, is that offered by a large city and the burgeoning anonymity of its crowded streets. There, quiet observation and strange synchronicities are to be chased and cherished like lichen in a barren arctic landscape.

A similar point of entry is reserved for texts, because they reveal yourself to you, and because the words on a page, or screen still hold the power to echo hidden selves. Language is not just the domain of intricate games, it used to hold power beyond the semantic domain (magic), and more crucially holds the key to our memory, and the frames of our waking and dreaming selves.

Walking tags: memories