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Celeste Regal is a working artist specializing in book art using the codex format. Metalsmithing is an integral part of her practice. She has lived in various states across America, sampling cultural and aesthetic practices. Text forms a large part of her oeuvre, including narrative and poetry. She likes to infiltrate social and intellectual mechanisms wherever she travels, hunkering down until the genius loci is understood. Next stop; India, where ancient and contemporary facility stands side by side.

Extraneous Exteriors presents ontologies of physical substances connecting thought, idea and transition. Often an image correlates in some way with text but it is not always the case. What we see is always mitigated by what we hear and know; fluid possibilities challenge being and not being. In the stream of time, all things are possible but not probable. Where we are is a tricky thing since what is and what is appear debatable in any given context.

Narration, or storytelling, is the main coercive fact of existence. Whether it is true or not true begs the issue of life among the human race. The things we make express conundrums of what we think since they are an alchemical mixture of real and fantasy. The story is in the material while the material is not always in the story.

The Stream of Movement tags: stocktaking

Eternity tags: plainsight

The Bridge to Memory tags: scissors

The Mountain tags: secure

The Displaced tags: hunting