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Access needs to be universal. Not as a gesture of democracy that leaks generosity, goodwill and inclusiveness but as a mechanism of distribution and pragmatics of production. If there is no guarantee of universal consumption, how can we encode messages presuming everyone is going to receive them?

Access needs to be universal because the surface density of the surfaces that we bake is very high; and, if we consider that every exposure of a message wears it off and exhausts it a little, then the surfaces of knowledge that we bake need a universal audience just to exist. Else there is too much surplus floating around.

What does universal access mean? Access to knowledge can't be made into a deal that we negotiate in terms of time or money that is readily available.

If the human mind is the negative space of all the texts produced in our time, then you can consider that the negative space gets filled on reception to the texts. So access completes the circle. From monologues, the texts become a series of dialogues, all occurring simultaneously. Otherwise like a single-channel mind body organism talking to itself, with the words hanging in the air like froth, foam or mid-flight birds, the texts remain airborne and suspended. When access is universal, conversations happen. The world exists in the same pocket of time and everyone at the same time is involved in the same process. A massive neural network that follows the network ethic quite accurately is seeded. This neural network offers itself as the missing cognitive information processor for the world at large. Civilisation will become sentient. Self-reflective pondering will then be possible. You can ask the world a question and the world will answer you back.

To gift life to the world, our model of universal access to the surface of knowledge has to be implemented.

Access the angst of production. Synchronicity explains the connection between acts after the fact. We produce the potential to explain the fact of existence itself and all the pragmatics of the ongoing moment. Meet the source! Experience the energy behind the actions that shape your reality.

When access is universal, a higher tolerance for noise has to be built. A tolerance for noise, the capacity to produce under pressure - under the incident glare of noise is developed. When everyone can look, everyone does. All the glare of possibility when centred on the surface of knowledge, produces a glare. This glare becomes the source of noise. Being thick-skinned becomes a real necessity. Opacity becomes a condition of natural affinity. Including noise as a natural resource that becomes the background score of our production - a process that we can initiate. Neutering noise by stretching the holding-power of our urge to listen and identifying patterns in chaos is a way to go. Even if everyone wants to interrupt us, there is an obsessive rhythm of production that we can follow. Obsession has its own scent, its own heat. And we can access it clearly.

Access might supposedly require a filtration system. But we are opposed to the construction and use of filters. We are of the opinion that we need to be able to access reality directly - no envelopes, no braces, and no reduced-sets. We really want to deal with the world head-on with a hard-on. Ready for disaster. Fuming in our future grave and soaking in the future-fumes. People fear dealing with the naked world because they fear engagement, immersion and getting overwhelmed. But we do not fear that or anything else. We just don't imagine ourselves in a posture that is at a back foot, beating a withdrawal. But how do we plan to deal with the influx of material? How do we intend to deal with it? An alternative to filters is selective sight. Selective sight does not work on the principles of aggregation, analysis and weeding out. It works on the idea of piecemeal perception. Biting off the plane of the world in bites and chunks and not attempting to form an idea of the entirety of the taste!

Access is sometimes denied. Then what is the way? How do you get past institutional filters? If limits have been drawn, if the surfaces of knowledge are guarded, how do messages get out of the perimeter of control? Spam, unsolicited communication, yielding messages where none are requested or expected is the answer. Spam is the only tool that can get past the filters. There are no constraints which are fine enough that the fine specks of spam can be swatted out.

We are going to populate compressed messages of the whole world's knowledge onto surfaces of mass display and then circulate them like spam. A net result of this circulation is going to be knowledge. Incidental, unsolicited knowledge. Spammy knowledge.

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